LATEST NEWS: We are able to deliver your yacht back from the French Caribbean to your home country despite the shutdown.

The delivery-fee consists of a basic price and the performance flat rate.
And the calculation of additional costs.
And the inclusion of any discounts.

The basic delivery-fee is 1000, - Euro
The basic-fee includes the use of the skipper on arrival and departure day, as well as the takeover of the yacht by the skipper on the day after the arrival day. Including the seaworthiness check and getting food / provisioning, etc.The basic-fee is due at each delivery cpmpletely and is not negotiable.

The service-fee is from 250, - Euro per day:
Either we deduct every single day - this applies especially if the owner is on board.
Or we calculate a fixed price due to the time required considering our experience for the route to be sailed; the weather risk is at the expense of the Schoenicke SKIPPERTEAM

Calculation of additional costs:
It depends on the yacht and the route whether additional costs are calculated.
- use of a second skipper as a co-skipper
- use of a technician
- traveling expenses
- diesel
- port charges
- meals

Discounts are available for very long deliveries. Additional flat-rate discounts are available if the owner agrees that fellow sailors can buy a berth / book a leg of the delivery - and if we consider such a possibility acceptable based on route, yacht and season.

The owner or client always gets:
- A free weather and route advice especially in the open ocean.
- The free provision of nautical charts and nautical books
- If necessary, the free provision of a satellite phone
- Schoenicke SKIPPERTEAMs Crew Warranty:
We guarantee that there is always a sufficient number of crew members on board for the delivery. If someone fails SKIPPERTEAM must provide replacement and carry the costs.
Schoenicke SKIPPERTEAMs Skipper Warranty:
We guarantee that there is always a qualified skipper on board. If the skipper gets ill or can not finish the job for other reasons, SKIPPERTEAM must provide peplacement and carry the costs.

Your advantage:
Due to the crew and skipper warranty, the delivery is guaranteed any time! The owner will receive a contract for work and labor / service - and not a contract of empolyment. The work / movement is the accomplishment of the delivery.

Your advantage:
All skippers are checked and tested by us - we know them. That means, they have been proven crew or co-skippers before they start working for us as a responsible skipper. With our requirements and "check out system" we are able to generate the best skippers for our and your needs We only use our own skippers, with the appropriate experience, qualifications and certificates

Your advantage:.
As you may know from our website, we own yachts and operate ocean cruises and sailtrainings. We are yachtowners ourselves and have the same requirements to our skippers as you.
Due to our number of about 50 skippers and a large pool of crewmembers we can react quik and flexible. We often had to step in on short notice if another delivery crew ran out of time and there was no backup.

We are more than happy to work out a plan which will suit your needs and wishes! For serious requests please contact us in the Hamburg office -or- use our special Yacht Delivery Request Form for yacht deliveries, which you can fill in online.



We like to develop a proposal that meets your needs! For specific inquiries please call our office in Hamburg or fill in the online delivery request form.


To the online delivery request form

LATEST NEWS: We are able to deliver your yacht back from the French Caribbean to your home country despite the shutdown.

Since 35 years SKIPPERTEAM delivered hundreds of yachts worlwide

Yacht-Deliveries base upon mutual agreement and confidence in each other.

You confide your yacht to us.
We trust that the yacht will be seaworthy and in best technical order.

If needed and desired by you, we can perform any necessary labor needed for the delivery.
You can engage us to do shipyard approvals and / or purchasing consultancy.

We offer:
- Weather and best routing counseling for the set up skipper by our office
- Allocation of additional equipment such as satellite phone or a ship`s pharmacy, even borrowing a liferaft is possible
- Allocation of all the necessary seacharts and nautical books

We have a very large experience in the planning, organization and realization of deliveries. 
We have the knowledge of the worlwide weather conditions and ocean currents und we know about the best possible routing. Long distance deliveries, for example: Australia to the Mediterranean or from the USA to Germany. A lot of deliveries go from Germany to the Mediterranean or vice versa. Of course we also deliver your yacht on very short distances. The largest yacht we delivered so far, measured 38 meters, the smallest 10 meters.
Please understand that we do not deliver yachts under 34 feet in length.

SKIPPERTEAM owns many yachts themselves and possesses a very extensive know-how concerning all yachting questions. Every year we "move around" about 1700 sailors on our own yachts. We carefully select our skippers and train them for their impending tasks. That is why you get from us a crew and skipper warranty! We do not leave your yacht in the lurch!

It is important for you to know, that we are recommended by Germany`s leading yacht insurances. Your yacht will be good taken care of and in "good hands" with us.

The online delivery request form is located: our calculation / left navigation bar



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